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Handpick top-class dedicated engineers from a highly talented Indian IT pool as a developer in your extended team. Engage and accelerate scale-up for your start-up

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Our passionate engineers will help you to navigate through the product life cycle and launch a market-fit product.

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Associate with our experienced engineers and technology consultants to optimize your business process flow with technology enablement.


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Our strong customer-centric approach has helped us to deliver the best possible results for our clients from across the globe. Listen to what they have to say about the Bluetick way.

Bluetick has worked with us on critical projects which have been instrumental in driving operational productivity. They have the ability to find innovative solutions to complex problems, that work at the ground level. It became clear that Bluetick differentiates itself from the other tech solutions companies by having a customized and integrative approach towards all functions of the company. Our working relationship exceeded my expectations and the Bluetick team successfully addressed all of our set objectives.

- Abhishek Kamdar Value Plus Advisors LLP

At Auto Hangar we have had an excellent working relationship with Bluetick Consultants. We assigned them the task of developing a robust customized sales lead capturing tool. Bluetick ensured analytical tools were built around it along with developing bridges with Salesforce software to ensure validated contacts are communicated between the two systems. Bluetick consultants got involved at the sales level, interacted on the shop floor, and literally translated days work for a sales professional into a sustainable lead management system.

- Mohan Mariwala Managing Director , Auto Hangar

Bluetick team has developed the trapigo delivery platforms, user interface design, and played a significant role in tech-stack development. Their overall web strategies and coding were excellent and they always kept the bigger picture of delivering value to the customers. Their team is highly skilled to do anything related to web technologies. They were great in coordinating between the teams to facilitate the completion of company-wide goals through web development. Great experience with Bluetick for product development and product launch.

- Suyash Raj Co-Founder, Trapigo

Bluetick Consultants are very professional, committed & passionate about their task. Their receptiveness to ideas and suggestions are particularly appreciable. Wonderful experience!

- Chintan Mehta CEO & Principal Officer, AHI Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd.

Bluetick consultants have excellent domain knowledge & are quite experienced in DMS, LMS implementation, and website development. We really appreciate the teamwork, planning, and time management skills that Bluetick has shown for our team. With their expertise in AI, they have really shown some excellent IT implementation. It has been a wonderful experience working with the Bluetick team on some of our critical projects.

- Venugopal Menon President, KD Consulting


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Be Responsive

Be Responsive is a chrome extension that helps developers to build their website faster by displaying the current web page in two different layouts: 75% for desktop view and 25% for mobile devices. It allows for easy comparison and fixing of responsive design issues on different devices.

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Evolution of JSONB - PostgreSQL

The evolution of JSONB in PostgreSQL has allowed for more efficient storage and querying of JSON data, making it a powerful tool for handling semi-structured data. With the introduction of functions such as JSONB operators and indexing, working with JSON data in PostgreSQL has become even more streamlined.

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Code splitting (bundle-split) in React

Code splitting in React refers to the process of separating a large codebase into smaller, more manageable chunks or "bundles" that can be loaded on demand, rather than all at once. This can improve the performance and loading speed of a React application.

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