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Accelerating Success in Software & Technology

Accelerating Success in Software & Technology

In today's fast-paced digital environment, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are pressed to rapidly develop and deploy cutting-edge, scalable, and on-demand digital products to outpace fierce competition and seize new business opportunities. Bluetick Consultants stands as a strategic tech ally, guiding companies through the intricacies of digital transformation and ensuring they maintain a competitive edge.

Our contributions to the field are marked by significant achievements, such as spearheading comprehensive software development initiatives, enhancing support automation systems, and implementing sophisticated automation testing to streamline software delivery processes.

Explore how Bluetick Consultants can empower your software and technology ventures to outpace the competition and seize the future.

Real world applications

Efficient Instance Management: Control Platform Revolutionizes Testing and Operations with Advanced Technologies


A US-based enterprise SaaS in expenditure management and automation faced operational and quality assurance challenges in managing and testing customer instances efficiently. The existing processes were cumbersome, leading to deployment delays and hindering the agility of the teams. A centralized platform, Control, was already in place to manage instances. However, it lacked some critical features needed for quality assurance and efficient instance management.

Bluetick Consultants intervened to enhance Control by adding new functionalities. These enhancements empowered teams to manage customer instances more effectively and allowed QA teams to perform tests independently, significantly improving operational efficiency and reducing deployment times.


The primary objective was to provide the enterprise with a tool that could facilitate quick instance management and seamless testing of new features without disrupting ongoing operations. The solution aimed to enhance operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve the overall responsiveness of the teams involved.

How Bluetick Consultants Made It Happen

Bluetick Consultants devised a solution focused on simplifying operations and reducing complexity. Control was developed as a centralized platform enabling both operation and QA teams to perform their tasks efficiently. By integrating this tool into their workflow, teams could manage instances effectively and conduct tests independently, thereby expediting the operational cycle and minimizing disruptions.


Technology Solution Provided

Control leveraged a robust suite of technologies to ensure reliability and flexibility:

  • Ruby on Rails: Formed the foundation of the application, providing a robust framework for building a scalable and reliable tool.
  • Capistrano: Automated deployment processes, facilitating smooth and reliable rollout of updates and features.
  • Monit: Monitored all services related to the tool, ensuring high availability and prompt issue resolution.
  • Resque: Managed background jobs efficiently, enabling asynchronous execution to prevent interruptions in the user experience.

This combination of technologies empowered Control to handle multiple tasks simultaneously while maintaining reliability, thereby enhancing the operational capabilities of the enterprise.


  • Centralized platform: Control served as a centralized hub for managing customer instances and conducting tests.
  • Automated deployment: Capistrano automated deployment processes, ensuring seamless rollout of updates.
  • Monitoring capabilities: Monit monitored all services, enabling timely issue resolution and ensuring high availability.
  • Background job management: Resque managed background jobs efficiently, preventing interruptions in the user experience.


The implementation of Control resulted in significant benefits for the enterprise

  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Teams could manage instances more effectively, leading to reduced downtime and improved responsiveness.
  • Streamlined testing processes: QA teams could conduct tests independently, accelerating the testing phase and reducing deployment delays.
  • Improved agility: The centralized platform facilitated smoother operations, enabling teams to adapt quickly to changing requirements.


Bluetick Consultants successfully addressed the enterprise’s operational and quality assurance challenges by developing Control. Through a combination of advanced technologies and streamlined processes, Control empowered teams to manage instances effectively and conduct tests independently, leading to improved operational efficiency and agility. The solution not only reduced deployment delays but also enhanced the overall responsiveness of the teams, laying the foundation for smoother operations in the future.

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