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Bluetick Consultants excels in developing technology solutions that enhance marketing and sales efforts. Our software development services focus on analytics and marketing intelligence, enabling businesses to harness data for informed decision-making and strategy refinement. These tools help teams gain deep insights into customer behaviours and market trends, optimising marketing campaigns and sales strategies effectively.

By integrating advanced technology into marketing and sales processes, we help clients track real-time performance, predict market shifts, and stay competitive. Partner with Bluetick Consultants to elevate your marketing and sales operations through innovative technological solutions.

Real world applications

Edel Assurance: Streamlined Digital Workflow Management with ERP Excellence

Edel Assurance LLP


Edel Assurance serves as the extended warranty partner, offering a comprehensive coverage that empowers premier vehicles to deliver exceptional long-term performance. With the expansion of customer data, the surge in customer information presented a challenge, especially for the customer support and sales teams, as they had to remember insurance pricing and plans during evaluations.
To address this challenge, Bluetick Consultants came up with an innovative solution: Erp Software.


To lighten the workload for Edel Assurance, we created an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that has the capability to store comprehensive customer data, streamline the process of systematic evaluations, and deliver precise pricing information.

How Bluetick Consultants made it happen?

The team of Bluetick engineers crafted a tailored ERP solution encompassing Sales, CRM, Evaluators, and various departmental functions. This ERP platform, also known as the Lead Management System (LMS), includes features such as notifications, evaluations, approvals of policies/quotation/evaluations, reminders, and follow-ups for every individual.

The system had the ability to monitor the complete workflow from start to finish. This allowed the client to design data-driven metrics effectively, enabling them to analyse their sales performance with a well-structured sales funnel design.


Edel LMS Developmet

Development Process

We engaged in discussions with department heads, primarily in the sales, after-sales, and accounts departments, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their day-to-day operations. We meticulously documented the responsibilities and challenges faced by their teams, as well as the procedural enhancements they desired in the system to improve their effectiveness. Subsequently, we devised a comprehensive plan with modules and generated user stories for various roles, including Sales Executives, Sales Managers, Customer Relationship Managers, After Sales Executives, After Sales Managers, Head of Customer Relationship, Head of Sales, National Service Head, Head of After Sales, Business Head, and Accounts Managers.

The primary goal was to align the ERP processes as closely as possible with the existing operations, ensuring a seamless onboarding process and rapid realisation of the ERP's effectiveness within a matter of weeks

Sales Section

Sales executives and CRM professionals can establish contacts, generate leads, schedule evaluations, create quotations, and issue final policies.

The LMS will produce the Final Policy in PDF format, and it will encompass policy details such as the start date, end date, and mileage information.

Evaluation Section

The Evaluator Manager has the authority to designate an Evaluator for a specific vehicle, who will then conduct an assessment of the vehicle through test drives. The LMS includes predefined checkpoints that the Evaluator must inspect to determine the condition of the vehicle.

After the evaluation is finished, the After Sales Head can grant approvals.

Pricing Section

All the predefined prices, determined by the relevant team, are integrated into the LMS for specific makes, models, and variants. Consequently, when a lead is generated, the prices are automatically retrieved from the database. This allows for the creation of a PDF-format quotation, which can be sent directly through the LMS.

Report Section

The LMS offers a versatile set of reporting options, enabling users to access information tailored to specific departments, manufacturers, models, and various performance indicators, such as targets and monthly achievements. The automation of these reports not only saves time and effort but also enhances data consolidation and accessibility, contributing to more efficient and informed decision-making processes within the organisation.

Dashboard Section

The development of the LMS was characterised by the implementation of intricate programming techniques. This allowed the system to create an extensive variety of charts, including bar charts, pie charts, line charts, and more. These charts serve as indispensable tools for businesses, as they facilitate a deeper understanding of data, trends, and patterns, ultimately aiding in the optimization of organisational processes and decision-making processes.

Edel LMS Reports

Major Challenges

  • The existing organisational structure is intricate, featuring multiple layers and cross-functional dependencies among different business divisions. This complexity can hinder decision-making, communication, and agility within the organisation, requiring careful management and potentially necessitating restructuring to improve efficiency and alignment.
  • Creating this reporting system required extensive planning, data collection, formatting, and automation within Excel, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in tracking and presenting essential business metrics on different time scales.
  • Evaluating and analysing individual contributions during monthly meetings posed a development challenge.


We completely eradicated the need for their team to manually handle data storage in Excel sheets. The implementation of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system had a significant impact on our client's financial performance, enhancing their bottom-line results. Moreover, it considerably boosted the efficiency of their business operations by an impressive margin.

One of the key improvements was in the reports section, where we reduced the workload of individual users. This enhancement empowered users to tailor date ranges according to their specific needs and conveniently export data into a CSV file. This not only streamlined their operations but also minimised the likelihood of human errors in the process.

In addition, our Learning Management System (LMS) has been equipped with the capability to generate quotations with exceptional accuracy and efficiency, eliminating the potential for any human errors in the quotation process.

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